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About: Me!

Well I’m W4QED. I am an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham for short). I suspect there are some who think I am actually a Ham. I’ve been doing Ham Radio since 1967 somewhere near when I was 14. I use to live in Columbus Ohio, moved to FT. Pierce FL, then to Orlando where I obtained (actually worked hard on it) my Bachelor of Science Computer Science (BSCS) degree. I enjoyed Discrete Structures and doing some teaching on the subject. Although I do not think I could do much of it anymore as the last time I was working on Discrete Structures was about 20 years ago. In 2005 I moved to Garfield, GA, but I was about 14 miles from Garfield, just the post office we get our mail through. I was actually about 13 miles from Millen GA. I enjoy programming embedded systems, in particular the TINI by Dallas Semiconductor (Now MAXIM) . I enjoy bike riding, I have had several recumbents and my physical condition has all but sidelined the riding. I do some APRS (Automatic Positioning Radio System) in my ham travels, have a digi-repeater (digital radio repeater) and a FT-100D for some H.F. (High Frequency) work. When I’m on H.F. I usually do either Psk31 (Phase Shift Keying 31 baud) or RTTY (Radio Teletype 45.4545 baud). Sometimes I just enjoy Packet Radio using ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) on 2-meters (144.39 & 145.07 MHz).

Well things change. I’m now in Fern Park, FL taking care of my mother. It’s OK here, but hate the antenna restrictions and homeowner associations. I would like to put up a Hex Beam. I just might mount it on one of my trailers and move it out/in the garage when I want to use it. Now it is just a matter of waiting. If I live long enough I might move out west. I have been thinking about Oregon, Utah, Wyoming (my favorite). I would like to get a cabin on several acres up in the mountain if possible, insulate the heck out of it and put up some antennas and a combination of Solar Panels and Wind Turbine. If anyone has a Cabin out there let me know! I really do not care about utilities as I hope to supply most of what I need. Just a town nearby; say 15 miles or so.


I sold the FT-100D to a gentleman up north, and my ID-800H to a gentleman in Brazil. Then I purchased a IC-7100 which has D-Star and HF so I do some D-Star on HF occasionally. I have a AI4JI OCF (Off Center Feed) Dipole   antenna for HF and 6 meters. I enjoyed the touch screen on the IC-7100 so much over the other rig’s menu’s that  I got a ID-5100 144/440MHz rig that I now use in my car. Still working out the bugs on APRS for it, but DPRS seems to be getting out so I know how far the other station is away and he knows my location also. Right now I am in a CW OPS class, (CW Operators training) and I also help out a friend of mine Carl AA4MI with the class he is doing on Morse Code. It is so much fun talking to someone in South Korea or Denmark or Great Britten or perhaps Australia. when I drive around. Maybe add an HF rig in the car for the future.


Still doing pretty much as before. My mother is affected by dementia, so I have to keep a vigil on her. I can get out, but not like I would like to. Back to radio and stuff. Being a computer scientist in my younger days, I still putter around with them. Check out https://w4qed.wordpress.com for my blog on various topics, Some are on Radio more on Computers and some random items.

In 2016 I lost most of my shack to a lightning strike and just about have it replaced. Cost was well over $7K so it has taken awhile. I did replace the IC-7100 with a New IC-7100 as the new IC-7300 doesn’t have HF D-Star and I did not want to loose that mode. I expect Icom to come out with a replacement for it within the next couple years, look towards Dayton Hamfest for that, I have added in some more P–3 and a Pi-2 since I lost my other Pi-2 from the Lightning Strike. I now have a single Pi-3 doing an easy load, when you watch it. It has my Web Server, A sort-of server for some Home Automation with the Echo-Alexa and it does have on it Mister House written in perl for Home Automation, then there is YAAC for APRS and finally it has a second HD of 4TB for my home media server using miniDLNA. I also have it taking a web-cam picture every minute and storing it to it’s 1TB drive and stores them for the last 31 days. I have a Pi-2 that has a GPS on it and displayed the coordinates in its Web-Page. This one is on Broadband Hamnet so not much for anyone to see there. My FT-2800 along with my SignaLink were lost and has not as yet been replaced, maybe in the next few months. Most everything has a UPS on it now, I need two more for the main computer (Yep had to replace it also) and a new Laptop Dell XPS 13, wish I had another of those to put Linux on as I don’t want to take any chances with either one. I think other than the APRS radio stuff I have most everything either replaced or parts in the Garage.
Upgraded to the Amateur Radio Extra in May of 2011 after being a Ham for 42 years. My computers are: home built using a P-97Z motherboard with thee monitors, two are Vertical the other Horizontal all are 23″. A XPS 13″ Dell both the previous have 16GB memory.

My other computers are two Pi-3’s:
On SaraX:
http://w4qed.hamshack.info Home Web Server
http://w4qed.hamshack.info:8008 APRS
http://w4qed.hamshack.info:8086  Home Automation
miniDLNA Media Server

raspbx for Asterisk (still working on this one)

Trying to set up an e=information system for an Emergency Shelter.

http://w4qed.hamshack.info:8888/update.html running perl and python scripts.

Last but not least is here:

https://w4qed.wordpress.com the Blog

I do have an A600 Pine with GB memory. I have been thinking about using it on a Robot Rug Warrior upgrade following the links will show you where I may go with it.



Well another birthday has come and gone. I am preparing a Raspberry Pi Class using the Pi-3B+ to start n June 2nd of 2018. Also a once in a lifetime purchase I hope of my next rig and hopefully the last provided they don’t do to many upgrades to it. The New Rig is a Flex-6600, not the “M”. So far I am very pleased with it.

I have picked up a Western Digital MeiaPi box, just a regular Pi-3B and 325 GB HD. I have picked up 7 PI-3B+’s for the class to start in a couple weeks and keyboards, mouse and Displays. Now I chose the Supersonic 19″ 1080p TV/Monitor with both 12 Volt DC and 120V AC. This reason is right now I live in Florida and we are prone to Hurricane’s and such. Thus, we have tenancies to be without commercial power.  Last time is was 3 hours less than 7 full days after Hurricane Irma. So having a TV/Monitor that runs off 12 Volts works great. Now I do have a generator and at 13.5 KW it was able to keep up with A/C and everything else in the house. But there times I have used the Supersonic for 12 Volt necessities ( like in my car). I currently have 2 x 13.5″ Supersonic 1080p TV/Monitor’s for my Pi’s throughout the house.

I am also working on a MagicMirrow. You might want to check them out. Nifty.

73 for now:


3 thoughts on “About: Me!

  1. Hey! I liked your profile on survivalsingles! Too bad I’m married; I found you trying to help a girlfriend out. We can’t believe how many illiterate guys are on singles sites! I’ve told her to be willing to embrace a wider range of characteristics when swimming the dating seas but she’s not a die+hard outdoorsy prepper type though she loves coursing her greyhound. Ping me if you’d like her email. We’re near Atlanta.

    1. Sorry it has been so long since I last was on here. I usually see comments. Thank you for the comments on SS, I can;t get on there, guess if you don’t pay up after 2 years they block you. Sure thing my email is w4qed@yahoo.com and use something about SS in the email. Well I can barely hold a conversation and my health isn’t that well, but when I am through I want to be in the Rockies.
      Ben ARS w4qed

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