Hello all this will be short. I am about to start a Pi-3 B Plus Class and have the notes online in case anyone is interested. The information is just that; informational and not meant to be full Class. It covers only the basics of general basic architecture and getting started with very little more.

Pi-3-B-Class Documentation

Pi-3-B-Class Select from Left Menu the Pi-Class

NOTE: Parts 1 and Three are complete and Part 1 needs to be polished a bit.

Part 2 is being re-written.

It is a start (38 pages) and perhaps I’ll include it here as a complete document, but for my Apache2 Web Server on my Pi-3 B Plus (it is now the 3-B+), 256GB Lexar Flash Drive for O/S and files and 4TB for media. This Pi also does APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) using YAAC Amateur Radio that is. All the while hosting a small minidlna server (may not be supported any longer) and my Home Automation system MH (Misterhouse).

So if you have liked my WordPress pages in the past then this should be good for you.

Be ARS w4qed