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I’ve done a bit of a lot of things. I had a pilots license, drove a truck and operated heavy equipment, licensed Amateur Radio operator with Extra class license. When I was 14 through HS  where I worked part-time at a garage where learned to rebuild engines and mechanical work on cars (loved the 421, 426 and both Chevy and Ford 427’s), trucks and later on some big rigs/heavy equipment and some farm equipment. Also did some garage work afterwards at home for spare money, Scuba dived for over 20 years about 160 days a year at about 2+ hours a night sometimes up to 4 hours. Obtained by hard work a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and loved the math proofs. I also worked as a Student Adviser and later on as a Teachers Assistant in Discrete Structures. Worked for Ohio Bell and later on a while at the Institute for Simulation and Training where I worked on Virtual Reality Systems and Simulators with some digital circuit design work. Consulted on Parallel Computers; those with 16535 processors. I just do Computers and Radio as a Hobby now and write articles over at I have done a little Solar energy work around my home and car. Have a Gate Opener that uses Solar Energy exclusively. I had in my car 3 solar panels to help keep my battery for my Amateur Radio topped off. I would like to do more, but my plans are to move and really don’t want to waste the energy in putting Solar Panels here at the house, but might if I stay.  I have helped my father build a garage and three houses where I did all the Electrical wiring.