First off this information came from Info obtained from João Roberto Gândara – PY2JF, Brazil from episode # 32 on Youtube’s Cram 32 links. Not from me and Just passing along my experience that might be of usefulness to someone.

On Saturday at our 147.120 repeater group non-formal group dinner one of the topics I brought up, I was planning on adding in a modification to the IC-7100 to allow software/RTL-2832 to provide a panadapter. Well after getting some rest, about 5 hours I got up early on Sunday and started my work on it. I watched the following video at least twice and even though it does have English subtitles, I was a little confused. So I started off by watching it and frequently stopping and rewinding often the video so as to follow along step-by-step. BTW I have the same microscope that he has in the video, but I kept having to move the microscope out of the way and even with my magnifier glasses, I was still had problems seeing what I was doing. I trudged on though and after completing each step I finally got to the RTL-2832($8.36 and up on eBay) and HDSDR program (Free Version) to work. The signal isn’t what I would like, but it does work and when configured to either Omni-Rig or Ham Radio Deluxe (free version also) it does work and track, while even letting me point and click the mouse on a signal and automatically tuning to it. Still trying to work out the offsets for each mode, I do have it functioning pretty much correctly.

Now in his instructions I did get Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD free version) working also, but it uses the HDSDR, so I was just listening and did not want to use the HRD and still works well using the Omni-Rig instead of the DDE->HRD. For some of the other functions, like Logbook and/or DM780 I use HRD with HDSDR and I still have a spectrum to see even though it is wider than necessary for just some PSK-??? type of communication and with the pan-adapter modifications I can also see some CW and RTTY going on also.

Note for HRD computer port connection setup:
I used IC-7000, the computer Port you need to know this or have it search dynamically once you have the ICOM drivers installed, CI-V address 88 for the IC-7100. You can choose other radios, such as the IC-7000 and works and at one time I had it set to both the IC-7410 and IC-7600, but IC-7000 works quite well. He explained this in the video and how to configure HRD and HDSDR also.

Now if you don’t have an IF that is not above about 10 MHz (my 1st IF is at 124.487 MHz) you might need a converter for the RTL-2832 dongle. This information is set up in the HDSDR

I have one dongle that doesn’t tune below about 40 MHz but with this rig it is still usable for me.

The following is an example of my setup that allows the movement of center frequency of the RTL-2832 to be offset a bit farther than in the video’s example.


My example is set up on the HDSDR at the (F7) Options-> RF-Front-End + Calibration selection using HRD.

FM is offset by 118590 120 KHz lower than HDSDR reading

LSB by –51410 50 KHz lower then center frequency of RTL-2832

USB by 48590 50 KHz higher than center Frequency of RTL-2832

CW_USB by 6590 about 8KHz lower

CW_LSB by 6590 about 8 KHz higher

This allows me to be a some  KHz off from the desired signal and see any near-by signals.


Now for the youtube link from his series CRAM TV episode 32 (João Roberto Gândara – PY2JF, Brazil): (He also claims this can be done most any newer rigs and perhaps older ones also)


HDSDR free version (former WinRAD):


Ham Radio Deluxe free version (last free version):
http://www.k4hlw.com/ham-radio-deluxe/ with other older versions.

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 Slight update:

Well the IC-7100 is Out of Service for now and may need replaced. But for the week and a half I had the IF being displayed by RTL-2832 monitoring it, it was fantastic to see all the things I never noticed what was right next to where I was operating. I will probably replace the ICOM with the same model as I do not want to loose the HF DStar operation.