Hello all, I’m back again. This is a little late, but information on my Kenwood TM-D700A Amateur Radio install. I’ve been an Amateur radio since 1967 as a novice, in 1970 I became a Technician, approximately in  1986 I became a coded (Morse Code) General at 13wpm. In or about May of 2009 I finally became an Extra class license. I have still as yet to use those extra privileges (except I am a Volunteer Examiner). Anyway I digress, this is suppose to be about my Kenwood TM-D700a install. Well first was to decide where to install the Radio, then figure out a way to install the Radio’s Control Head, then on to the Antenna, GPS  and finally figure out a power solution (the latter I already had some ideas about).

First solution was I had found some old road signs at a local place for recycled used equipment and electronics called SkyCraft, has a little Flying Saucer on top of building. The road signs I attached with some Velcro to the backside so they would stick to my carpet on the back of my rear seats so they could be easily removed access to radio or worked on.


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There I mounted the mobile mounting bracket; thus you see the results in this photo.

Next I moved on to the placement of the Radios Control Head; I choose to mount it in the console and I used the 880M(^-7331-90 mounting unit on a bean bag I had lying around from a bean bag throwing game and placed this into the center console in front of the shifter and by the 12V power outlet.

tm-d700a 002

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 This allows for it to be out of the way and not too difficult to work with, unless you are trying to program it, but then again I left enough of the separation cable there to allow it to be pulled out, for easy removal or as needed. Things were working out fairly well so on to the next problem the Antenna.

I had been using a OPEK now Comet CSB790A that I had been using as a mag mount on my older 1999 Pontiac Grand AM. I really did not want the scratch marks from the mag mount, yes I know they have pads and anti-scuff pads, but really, they all leave marks. SO I chose to get a Hitch mount for my antenna. Now I really don’t tow much with the TDI, but I have a couple trailers for when I need them, One has on it a boxed bed for hauling repair items and the other has a 14.5KW Diesel Generator. In adding my trailer hitch 1 1/4 inch receiver I had the company weld on a second  1 1/4 inch receiver tube. It took some convincing, but since I finally explained that only an antenna was going there they did it.


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 I needed a mounting bar for the antenna and it all finally went as I foresaw it from the beginning. Now next I wanted to sort out the GPS and power feeds to the radio.

 I then added a couple WF5Y distribution units (out of business now) I purchased off of eBay. This was for the GPS, Radio and anything else I might add in the future. Again using a road sign and some Velcro to the back of the other rear seat. Plus I added a three way output power unit for the cigarette lighter outlet type of devices.


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 Now the power distribution has been resolved.

 I moved on to the GPS and power for the entire system. Knowing that the 12 volt outlet at the rear of the car would run things, but fearing a voltage loss in the car’s wiring I decided to add in a 32AH battey and a PG-40S power unit for power distribution and charging the battery. Since the radio is used mainly in listening mode for the time being I just used the outlet straight to the PG-40S and limit to 10 amps of charging of the battery. At this time I decided to add in 3, 10 watt solar panels to help top off the battery when the car is outside and just doing nothing. So I added in the solar PV cells and a solar charger along with a voltage display when the charger is charging the battery.


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 Now this shows the solar panels in my rear-window and the GPS puck from GlobatSat that outputs to a serial and I placed a converter to output to the 2.5mm plug on my Kenwood Radio. then added in the Battery and all sorts of cables to splitters and charge.


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 I also added in the PWRCheck from West Mountain Radio just to keep an eye on power consumption. I did add in an automotive relay that when power from the car stops it turns off the power unit to the GPS and other sundry of items that may be plugged in and the battery still will run the Radio even when the car is turned off. SO I have to manually turn off the Radio. As of this writing the battery is keeping charged and the radio is still putting out its limit on High Power setting. I do have an addition of a trailer wiring harness that is ran off the battery system also when the car is charging.

  Now I do have plans on re-routing some of the items on the power as it looks like a rats nest as of right now. Also I have plans on removing the Kenwood TM-D700A and replacing it with an Icom ID-5100, but the Control Head for the Icom is huge compared to the Kenwood thus will require a different location for the Control Head.

Thanks for reading,

Benny D. Miller Jr. ARS w4qed