This is where DHS has decided to include the Amateur Radio Emergency operations into their privy. On the surface is all looks good and well to get the communications across the board so DHS can manage Emergency Communications in disasters all the better. Remember DHS means Department of Homeland Security, not emergency’s. If one thinks about it, what really good has DHS done for us? They tell us the News as they think is relevant to getting DHS on the good side of the people, but I do wonder what isn’t being said that may be even more important? As the society has become more and more dependent on global communications and most of the News Media has become more of a propaganda device than the truth in the news for the Socialist government in power in the USA. Even the BBC News is owned and ran by the British Government to spew out what they feel is necessary to their people to keep them under control and their ability to decidedly control what they want other countries to know about the going on throughout the world. But I regress, so back to DHS and Amateur Radio; In recent history the RED Cross had decided to bring in Amateur Radio to their fold and even started training or inciting their employes to become Licensed Amateur Radio operators, this was inevitably used as an/or attempted to push out the long lasting Amateur Radio Community of operators. To what reason would they do this you may ask? It was so the RED Cross would have their people communicating what they wanted to communicate, even the RED Cross’s business communications, which is a violation of the law, As far as I know they have backed off of this advance, but I am not really sure as I have removed myself from that arena after I saw what was happening. It more or less points to the ALL Good Feeling that the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications currently has after all they have finally been recognized by the US Government as a resource albeit in the DHS privy. I seem to think there is even a more sinister underwriting going on in that the DHS will want to end up controlling the FCC and all communications; therefore, Amateur Radio. Thus controlling what and when and how communications will be passed. I only bring this up as an examination from our past experiences of what our Government is doing, not for us, but to us. Of course it is but my opinion and makes little difference on the whole.
W4QED, Ben.
Be careful: Ask not what your country can do for you, since they will do even worse to you.