I would appreciate some feedback on this article as I am not quite set in my ways as how to implement it. Now though I am set in my ways on the minimum on what I want to accomplish.

I am mounting this on/in a 2009 VW Jetta TDI.
I have plans on adding a CarPuter to the car with a touch display in front. Any ideas as to the software? Thinking I will need/require a quad core processor such as I5, and I do not believe that the I5 comes with quad core and hyper-threading, now I do not think that there is an I7 unless I go to a Laptop computer. For my use at home I use an I7-16GB memory and does most of everything I want, but won’t work well in a car. Here are some of my requirements:
1. Must allow SDR or Ham Radio control interface for all radios that can be computer controlled(maybe newer version of HRD); Really prefer SDR.
2. AM/FM HD Radio interface with control and played through CarPuter. Would really like a play-back for 5-60 or more seconds that you have on TV’s or perhaps a record option. Not planning on XM or Sirius but one never know.
3. Would like it to interface with my Can+Hex interface for my VW TDI and provide a custom display of known engine functions and perhaps error codes that may occur. (Already have the Ross-Tech VCDS and HEX+Can interface cable)
4. Want ability to add 4 video cameras with at least 30 second before recording before trigger to record. (I know confusing)
5. Want it to have 3G or 4G access and be able to make calls from it.
6. Want WIFI access also. preferably choose WIFI instead of 3G/4G LTE.
7. Interface to a LED text bar for the rear window.
8. DVD, this can be handled many ways so it really isn’t or should not be a problem.
9. more…. undefined as yet.

I’m sure I will think up more as times goes by.
Do not mind Linux/Windows 7 just need the interfaces to write the scripts for or an Automotive package that allows additions to the library.

Check out Http://w4qed.hamshack.info/ when it is online.