For many years  since 1977 at least I’ve been trying to make a new buffer called the First In Lost Buffer  (FILB or FIL). After I got to about 55 years of age I have finally perfected this new buffer. It is so new at least the name is that I’ve decided it should be copyrighted. For the last 3 years and counting I have successfully adapted it to my daily life. Now the only way I’m on time or for that matter show up to Doctors Appointments or Dates or anything is if I did not forget to write it on the calendar. To make sure that the First In Lost Buffer doesn’t get me into trouble I write things down when someone tells me something I need to be at or do at a specific time. I have reminders for my bills so they do not get delayed. I have a note on calender that tells me to do my bills at the beginning of each month so the next months bills are paid. So far this has worked well as I have seen many movies more than once and think it is familiar, but yet it is new.

If by chance you would like to use this New Buffer technique it is ok with me, but if you write something down about it then please write down where you got it from. Remember if you can it is called “First In Lost Buffer” FILB or FIL for short.

Ben ARS w4qed

Some people are wise; some are otherwise! Mine too.