Hi again,

Well since Homeland Security is so concerned and so am I for that matter of radiatiuon material getting into the country; why not put in a radiation detector in all Cell Phones? This could either call in a report, or perhaps send a message with your location and of course date and time stamp and reading to a HS system to track any movements of radiation through out the US. Most likely senerio would to place such radioavtive device near a populated area and the Cell Phones could report it. In this way it would not be a burden on anyone. Theere could also be check points for once in a while testing automatically, where the phone would be placed in a device and would be shilded so that it would not send a message and that way there would be no need for identification of the phone sending. Of course there the built in ID of the phone. In thinking about this it would allow the government to have millions of cellphone radation detectors out there being used every day and in most populated areas. As stated earlier, the ID could be stripped out of the connecting message and report so there would be no infringement of rights; hopefully? It also if used the wrong way could be used to track people. I would hope it would not be used for tracking individuals. If it was none obtrusive it could just help.