Ok, been awhile again! I recently picked up a Garmin Nuvi 350 from eBay for $80.01. Also bought a data cable for the Kenwood TH-D700. I’m not quite sure about the cost of the cable, I think it was$48.00 plus shipping to about $50.79 (not really sure on that one. So for about $130.80 I have a nice system. I only wish the Nuvi 1490t had a bluetooth dongle for a fleet maintenance port.

Link: https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=113&osCsid=577129d6e92064c63429cf5466aaffdc 

 This is a GTRANS Garmin fleet maintenance to NMEA translator built-in cable. Even though the webpage states that the ADS cable when plugged into the mini USB to the side of the unit (Garmin) and power plugged into back of Nuvi 350 (using suction mount for usb to garmin connector on rear) puts the Garmin into maintenance fleet mode at serial 9600 baud, the Radio (TM-D700) still needs to be at 4800 baud. On the Kenwood you need to set two items. 1st is set the radio to NMEA  under Radio 3-2. 2nd set the WAYPOINTS to 9 characters Not sure I remember this one either 3-3.

 I had not read those instructions on the Argent Data Systems and that cost me about 10 minutes till I figured out I need to RTFM and go from there. After the changes and pulling the car out of the garage it took only 30 seconds or so for the GPS to sync with the satellites and start off the flashing GPS label on the kenwood, which then Transmitted my position. In about 5 seconds later I started receiving the stations and they were displayed on my Garmin.

 In conclusion, about 10-15 minutes were wasted by not checking Argent’s webpage. All I can say it only took about 20 minutes to go from house to mounting cables and setting up the Radio and GPS. I lost about 10-15 minutes, which I will never have again, but I have a working GPS and APRS display for myself.

 The reason I mentioned the Nuvi 1490t is for a novelty and some what useful to reset codes. When accompanied with the ecoroute HD that connects to the ODBII in your car (most anyway). Not only does it display some settings, RPM Temp, MPH, etc. it allows you to reset some fault codes, provided it finds them.