Hey there,

 Well I started off with a 1959 Pontiac for $50.00, I was 14 at the time and fixed it up and put maybe $20.00 in it and sold her for $250.00. Should have become a car salesman, but I hate dealing with them, so I should not become one. At 14 I was working as a mechanic at the time till 12th gfrade when I just spent my time in school.

 I then inherited a 1965 Mustang, my parents got it the last week of March in 1964 and would have to wait another week to get a 289, but my dad settled with the 260. It was just a smaller displacement version of the 289. I later had her board out, new heads and she got about 27mpg on the highway. Could do 70 in second gear, at least that was what Vascar in Columbus Ohio said it was doing. I tried to tell him I was in second gear and should be able to do 100 in the 50mph speed zone\, but he would not by it. So I went to court, paid my fine and went back to driving however I wanted. Really did not learn nothing from that.

 After I got out of HS I got a 1972 Mercury something or another. I had a lot of problems with that car, but all my own doing. I had a wreck the day after my GF broke up with me and wasn’t my fault, as a drunk driver hit me and lucky me his brother the cop showed up and saved him. That started a whole mess of bad driving habits.

 I got a 1967 Cadillac with a 500 ci engine and had a lot of fun with that one.

In 1975 I bought a 1973 Corvette. Sweat ride, but not enough HP in that 350. So off shopping I went bought a crate engine 350/350hp, put on double hump heard (bigger flow) then added a 1961 mechanical fuel injection system and two turbo chargers. The car without the turbos had 430HP no idea what it had with the turbos, but was fast, not quick as it suffered from not enough low end torque and with a 273 rear gear it would just start breathing good at about 4000 rpm. I have no idea as to the top speed as that was about the time of the sue-do oil embargo put on by the oil company’s (still going on) to get more money. Speed limits across the country went to 55 mph. My car had the turbo 400 automatic transmission, but I shifter her like a stick. I really liked not having the clutch that the corvettes had in those days. I did have my car toed off from Worthington Square shopping center and when I picked it up they told me it had been clocked at 173.5, but of course why would I park my car and report it stolen? Took me about two hours to get back from the Shopping Center that day, hey I knew they would catch me sooner or later; well at least the car. I could easily burry the tacometer at 7000 rpm which was 160 mph anytime i desired, which was a lot. The tac had a stop and the spdo stopped somewhere near 168, but they both had mechinacal stops built in. Usually had about an 1.5 inches of gas pedal at 160 mph.

I then toned it down and got a Datsun 1979/1980, front was a 79 rear clip was a 80. I went into business with my cousin and fronted him the money for an auto body shop. Only thing I ever had to do was replace a head gasket.

After the Datsun, I still had the Corvette, but then I did something really stupid and got married and had to sell the vette. Should have kept the vette. Anyway I started off a software business in 1984 and I leased two Mercedes, 1 was a 300TD station wagon and the other a 300d. Very good cars and I looked good in them. Well business went bust as I got sick and had to turn the cars back in. Still had the Vette and Datsun at the time.

Sold the Vette. The wife came up to me one day after having me sell the Vette and said it was her or the dog! Well I had a very nice Afghan Hound, just as sweet as could be. I told her that since I had to make a choice that the dog had more seniority and would be staying. Heck if it was just the dog being the problem it would have been gone.

 Anyway this is suppose to be about cars. Next one I got was a Mazda 1987 B2600 4wd with a cap. It was charcoal grey and a brush guard on the front. Not enough engine in this one as it would only do 118 on the Floridaturnpike. I did break the bell housing once when I was off road, I slapped down on a tree trunk lying across the road. I use to do a LOT of beach diving at night in FT Pierce FL. Did not really do too much with the truck, worked in the groves and for a helicopter crop duster for awhile. That is another story.

Next car was a 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix, white. 3.4 L engine, not a lot of power, but a nice ride and reasonable on fuel, at least better than the Mazda. I had a crash in it, again not my fault and I was actually driving under the speed limit at the time.

Now I have a Pontiac Grand AM 1999 that I got new in June 1998. Has about 107k miles. Cuts out at 114 with a governor/limiter, but 100 is plenty fast for this old codger these days and it so seldom see anything over 75mph. I have my radios set up in it and a laptop also for APRS and routing information. I have a GPS connected to the Radio and it sends the information to the computer so it knows where I am at. Also if I really need to know where I am. I use to be a pilot and after many years of flying I could pretty much navigate anywhere with little directions anyway.

I digress, back to cars. Now for the cars I’ve also driven. Not in any particular order, just as I remember them.

Boss 302 Mustang, this one I think was in bad shape, would hardly get out of my way.

1973  Mustang 351 Windsor, nice but under powered.

1973 Pantera, 351 Cleveland, nice weight to power ratio and it would actually do 145 mph in third gear down Easy Broad Street in Columbus. it was a 5 speed. Should have bought this one as I really liked it, but the insurance liked it even more.

1967 Mercedes SL-270 looked cool, but wasn’t into it then, wish I had it now.

1972 Mercedes 600, really liked it and would have bought it, but some lady was out test driving it and totaled it. Last of the 600’s.

1969 Cutlass 442 WS32 Lots of power a friend of mine had this one and we exchanged cars (vette) often. I never did anything really crazy with this one as it wasn’t mine, except for the day I raced a cop; he lost. My friend went crazy about that one, but wasn’t the last time I drove it.

197x Kawasaki 1100 LTD, sweet but not enough HP, would only do 127mph.

1984 Honda V65 Magna, again not enough HP, had it to 160 mph, but I’m not sure if the speedometer went any faster, I think I went faster, but speedometer stopped at 160.

199x V-Max, not sure of the year, but it had plenty of  hp. I never got it opened up think I saw 150+, only place to do it was I-95 and the cops kept coming after me and I would have to get off and loose them.

 A.C. Shelby Cobra 289, well I did mention this one before, wow lots of power in a straight line, really did not handle great, but was good enough for Sullivant Avenue. The girl I dated’s father was a mechanic, but would only let me do the overhauls, which was how I met his daughter.

A.C. Shelby Cobra 1967 427 side oiler. Now this car had enough hp, was quick to start and stop. Handled much better then the 289, probably because of the wider tires and slightly longer wheelbase. Wish I could afford one today, I would probably sell it and buy 6 or 20 other cars after a year or so of driving it.

2006 Volkswagen TDI DSG, now this is the car I would like to have right now. not a lot of power, but plenty of torque for get up and go.

2009 Volkswagen TDI DSG, I guess if I had a daily driver or long distance this would be the car to have. plenty of power (140 hp) and loads of torque 236ft-lbs if I remember right.

200x Maserati GranTurismo, now this is one sweet ride, 140mph on 17/92 north of Casselberry in no time flat. Of course the car dealer is no longer there, it was a used car and I said no 5 times before I finally took it for a ride and what a ride; hey wasn’t my car and I’m sure the car dealer had insurance. When the salesman and I returned he actually called the police one me and tried to have em arrested. I told the policeman what occurred and he finally told me to leave and not come back, but he also told the dealer I tried not to test drive the car 5 times and you kept asking, so you got what you deserved.

I’m sure there are many cars I’ve left out for some reason, like I can’t remember. These are at least the ones that I do remember for some reason or another.

In my older age I’m not as likely to speed more than about 5-9 mph over the posted limit and definitely not over 2-3 in town. I now can let cars pass me with no problems and I really don’t care anymore. I just puddle around. I really would like to have a track and a car to go on it. The new SCCA TDI races sound like they would be fun. Now if I just had a couple TDI’s to race. Also like the choice of BioDiesel, but from what I’ve read the 2009 TDI’s don’t really like 100% BioDiesel in the unit that cleans off the smog. I really can’t remember what the thing is called ???

 I almost got to drive a GT-40, newer one, but Lucky for the dealer that  had it that I did not get to. I think for an everyday get around town on down the road this would be my choice.

99% of my driving is at or below the speed limit, but I know when I need a pick me up I can go to the dealer for something like a Shelby Mustang if there are any dealers left that doesn’t know me. Heck I’m probably black-listed from all Ford dealers by now.

Well that is what I remember, Oh ya, I forgot about the racing I did for a few years. Basically same cars but on a track. I guess I wasn’t any good or someone would have picked me up. Then maybe just too dangerious.

Ben w4qed