As most would counter think that a G5RV is an antenna. Really it does work at times, I’m not saying how well it works, but it performs a function. I live in a neighborhood that has all sorts of restrictions that Ive never received or read. One of the restrictions is an tower/antenna restriction. Since they are not governed by the FCC and I’m licensed by the FCC, I’ll follow their lead. Yes HSA’s can enforce the antenna restrictions, but not without  the consideration for emergency communications. Yes a lot of people have fought this with liars, oops I meant Lawyers and lost. I’ll only get a liar when they force me to.

 To continue, ya the G5RV isn’t a good antenna, but being an antenna I can and do work Europe, Russia, Australia and many other places. I enjoy the digital modes primarily such as SSTV, PKS31, packet, RTTY and many others.

 Well the antenna project started off like any other day; well, that may not be factually true. I’ve been having trouble getting on a regular sleep schedule and I went to bed last night at 8:00 P.M. and awoke all through the night, but finally got up at 5:15 this morning. I watched a few TV shows recorded on the HD-DVR  and then started thinking about the antenna. I finally was awake enough to function and out I went with my remote control for the garage do0r and the Solar powered Gate my father and I built.

 First off I went into the outside garage and looked around for the ladder and got it out. Before I moved from here I had the G5RV up here, but I forgot how I had it up. So out I went with the ladder and looked around for how to support the antenna. I found one of the old end supports for the antennas from before and from there I figured out how I had it put up before. Then things started coming back to me. I went into the inside garage, the one attached to the house and I have to keep them separate, and picked up a knife and some 1/8 in nylon rope and a 7/8 Inch wrench. Back to the back yard I went and I positioned myself about 30 feet from the victim (tree) and tied the rope to the 7/8 Inch wrench and threw it into the branches, many times before I finally positioned the rope where I wanted it. Having pulled the rope as far as it would go I noticed then in the 4+ years I’ve been away the branches of the victim had grown in my path. Grab the ladder and position it by the outside garage and back to the inside garage for a saw. Several saws later I finally settled on a regular wood saw to cut the limbs. I was unable to find my limb cutter, so up the ladder I went cutting limbs as I climbed. I repeated this procedure several times till I had cleared most of the limbs I needed. Back to the rope and pulled it quite a bit higher before again being attacked by the limbs. Being very tired and darn hot and worn out I lowered the antenna rope a bit and left things in the clear and tied it off.

 I put all the tools, knife, saw, ladder and a PVC pipe I was trying to use to assist in moving the antenna wire around. Cleared any debris I left from all the fallen limbs and placed them into a heap just inside the Solar powered Gate. I locked down the outside garage and exited the back yard while using the remote to close thee solar operated gate. Then I closed the inside garage door and I went in and took a long cool shower. Well knowing this feeling of being hot still I turned the A/C down to 76, which is usually at 78 and kept it there till about 11:00AM and I cooled down.

 I have the programmable thermostat programmed to reset the temp 4 times a day in-case I forget about it.

 So the G5RV is up and the cable is ran over the outside garage over to the house window where my radio is setup. I’ll try it out when I feel better. This little amount of work has pretty much done me in for the day. Even though I started working at about 08:30AM I finished up at 10:00AM and was plumb tuckered out. Seems like every time I do very much my left arm starts bothering me. Well the doctor at least knows about it and I carry my Nitro tablets around just in case and I take them when my arm bothers me.

 Now, hopefully I’m ready for Field Day. FD? you ask? Well it is when in the U.S. a lot of Amateur Radio operators dust themselves off along with their equipment and set out to set up emergency communications. Ya, that sort of thing that you only hear about when Hurricanes  or other disasters destroy someplace and there is no other communications available, like Cell-Phones. Some do it from their home; while others setup in parks or large open areas that would assist in setting up antenna’s supported from portable towers, victims (other trees) posts, boards and sometimes a fence or even a telephone pole. Some just operate from their vehicles that are setup for communications.

To all my fellow hams, enjoy Field Day and be grateful it only comes once a year.