Well I had just got through working with Clorox (another page) and now this week working with Muriatic Acid.

             ******  NOTE: MURIATIC ACID  IS DANGERIOUS. ******

 Did I say it is dangerous. Well heed this advice Muriatic Acid is dangerous, keep upwind not the other way around. Always use in a very well ventilated area, preferably with a wind blowing. An open garage door is NOT well ventilated.

 OK then, I had a bad spot at my entry way of the front door. There was an old half-moon welcome mat that has had a whole lifetime of better days. I had noticed that the welcome mat had deteriorated through the years and when I picked it up it fell apart. So this was a good excuse to trash the thing. I’m going to digress a bit here. I had a garbage can that the waste disposal folks had annihilated. I left the garbage container out from of the house for over a month empty, till the waste disposal team decided it was actually trash and removed it. Back to our subject now. I put the welcome mat out and it was gone the next trip the waste disposal team made its regular pickups. Guess they finally could tell if it doesn’t contain trash then it must be trash.

 OK, back to the Muriatic Acid, did I mention it can be Dangerous? I poured some acid on the front walk way entry area and it immediately turned yellow and such a stench it gives off and it will kill you if you stay in proximity of the vapors. On the best case Muriatic Acid vapors will kill you, on the worse it will do damage to your eye’s, sinuses, mouth, lungs and esophagus. I then took my trusty New Garage Broom, one of those that sweeps about 2+ feet wide and scrubbed in the acid all the while keeping upwind of the acid.

 There was a few times I could not hold my breathe and I scurried away coughing and gaging. Again I repeat myself Muriatic Acid can and is dangerous. If you can smell the acid, then you are too close to it. I’m sure there are some type of respirators and if you know of one let me know as I really do not like working with the stuff, but it works just so good!  After letting the acid work into the concrete and it stops bubbling I usually take a hose and clear it off. Be sure not to leave any puddles of it as I am not sure if an animal will ingest it or not, but I do not think they will as they have better sense. Then while speaking of animals, they drink anti-freeze don’t they? Of course if anything or anyone ingests Muriatic Acid it would most likely be deadly. Have I stated how dangerous this stuff is?

 Well once having cleared off the acid I also sprayed with the hose to clear the broom. Well the entry way looks so much better. Actually I do not believe it has looked this good since I bought the house. Muriatic Acid can be a great tool. Did I forget to mention that if you can smell it you are too close to it? Since I’m sure that by now you know Muriatic Acid can be harmful if not deadly.

 Also, if you know (not suspect) that the acid does harm to the environment let me know and I’ll find something else to use, but I’m sure it won’t be as good. I’ve tried most of the standard cleaners, orange stuff etc. and none of it worked with such ease of use as Muriatic Acid. It is also good around the pool area and I’m careful to keep it from getting into the pool.

 I never leave an open bottle or a bottle lying around where someone could get into it, even if by accident. I have no children here and the animals I do have do not get to go outside, ever!

 One last thing, Muriatic Acid is DANGEROUS, be careful when using it.