Well today, actually about a week or so ago. I visited an old memory of Clorox. Now what memory of Clorox you may ask. I was looking out at the driveway and I have a vynal picket fence going down one side of the driveway. The fence was covered with alge/moss, I know they are different, you choose this works on both. I decided that I would clean the fence. I then had to figure out what I would clean it with. So I thought of Clorox to kill the alge. So off I went to the local Wal-Mart and came back with a few other things than I went for but I did remember to get the Clorox. I had an empty spray bottle and I first got a marker and marked it accordingly. I then poured in the Clorox and off I went to tacked the spraying and scrubbing and rinsing down the fence. First I sprayed a fence section on one side, then I went to the other side ans sprayed it. To my surprise when I returned to the 1st side I sprayed it was absolutely clean. Ok, there was a pace I missed, but I sprayed it and then looked at the 2nd side again. It too was sparkling clean. I then proceeded to spray the other 6 sections and then sprayed some 6 foot sections; although, they were only a few places on them. When I got through with that, I went around the rest of the house and screened in pool area spraying the alge. I even found a couple of places where moss actually did exist and sprayed them also. When I went back and looked at all the places I sprayed the Clorox had killed all the alge/moss. since we were expecting rain I left the Clorox residue on the fence and screened in pool area and house and an extra garage. I went back all the places were dead and the objects were clean. Be sure to be in a well ventilated area when using Clorox directly. I hope that this either brings back some memories or starts some new ones for folks. Remember well ventilated area!

Benny D. Miller Jr. ARS w4qed